Are you Interested in Filmography and Videography and want to know what the difference is? Check out this article and learn all about both.

The Video production industry is changing rapidly.

There are so many terms and expressions that are used to describe job roles or titles of people who work in the industry.

Here are just a few examples ;

Videographer, filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, DP (director of photography), director.. The list goes on.

There is some debate as to whether these job titles are helping or hindering the video production industry.

So if you are a freelance videographer / filmmaker, which title would you put on your business card? It’s a tough decision that needs a lot of thought.

If you work by yourself, then you are the director, producer, camera man, sound engineer, editor and so on…

‘Videographer’ a reasonably new term, is actually being used less now that the industry develops.

Filmmaker or cinematographer seem to be the new titles of choice for freelance videographers.

Cinematography would apply to a video with cinematic qualities. For example, a video produced that contains an amazing story, such as a love story for a wedding video. Lots of detail would go into the story and the scenes would be shot in a cinematic way, using music and any relevant effects.

Many people in the industry will use different words depending on the client.

It would be interesting to ask videographers what they call themselves and why? and what sort of effect is it having on the industry in the long term.