video production services, Event Filming, Drone Filming available AND AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Covering HEREFORD, GLOUCESTER, BRISTOL AND THE SOUTH WEST

Dronemaster Productions offer a wide range of services. Originally focussing on aerial, drone Photography, quickly moving onto video production. The quality of the images and the variety of different altitudes and angles that the drone’s camera is able to achieve allows us to create that perfect shot, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Our operators have trained in photography and use ND filters to reduce shutter speed in bright sunlight to create the correct motion blur which is an important aspect of videography. Before drones were available, the options were limited and involved the use of a manned aircraft such as an aeroplane or helicopter. The cost was many times greater than today’s commercial drone pilots offer and in many cases, customers had to wait a long time, sometimes years before the aerial photography company had enough customers to cover their costs. Today Drone Photographers & Freelance Videographers can provide aerial photographic services to just a single client, for something as simple as a roof examination.

Freelance Videography An additional service ‘Freelance Videographer’ is now a more relevant title that runs alongside the drone photography. Not only do we produce drone videos and photos, we offer a bespoke complete filming service using a variety of camera equipment that is capable of capturing exactly the shots that are required. The clips are edited using the most professional editing software on the market, adding music, special effects, colour correction and up to date, professional looking transitions to help the video tell the story that it is required to do.

Video production as a freelance videographer is highly creative. Each video produced is completely unique and tailored to the individual needs of the client. All equipment is operated using manual settings, such as focus and exposure, rather than the automatic settings that less experienced operators might choose to use. A variety of video resolutions are available for filming. Depending on the equipment that the finished video is intended to be played back on. Currently most jobs are that standard resolution of 1920 / 1080p, but we offer filming up to 4K resolution. Due to the location of our offices in Hereford, we are able to cover surrounding areas such as Gloucester, Worcester, Bristol, South Wales and West Midlands.

We have covered some large events in the Bristol area and all over the midlands and South Wales areas so please do check out our projects page for examples of our work Our services are always expanding as new technology becomes available and more drone operators join the team. With all aerial filming work, there is an additional option for a second camera operator, which in some types of jobs is necessary for safety, and is thus compulsory. We would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and can quote for work in any part of the United Kingdom.

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