Video Production.


Commercial / Corporate Video Production & Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming an important aspect in the promotion of a business or service.

Social media feeds are full of short video clips that advertise or promote a specific service. Different video marketing campaigns can be tailored to the clients specifications. The length of the video needs to be decided on to correspond with the correct marketing campaign. For social media, corporate video production, there are different mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc that have different file sizes and lengths of videos on their sites. Different edits can be produced depending on the length required.

Commercial video production.

We will quote for all types of Commercial video production projects. Ranging from television adverts to commercial videos.

Commercial video production involves video content that is usually short in length, around 30 seconds or less of high level branding content which is designed to generate interest around a particular product or service. They are Motivating, demand action and designed to be as share-worthy as possible.

Have we got the ‘view factor’?

View count is one of the most popular indicators of success when it comes to monitoring the success of a commercial video production or video marketing campaign.

Most of the popular videos on our projects page have been viewed thousands of times which is a great reflection on the success of the video. Due to user friendly platforms such as Facebook, users are able to monitor the amount of views and times that the video has been shared. This gives the client direct access to view how well the video production campaign is performing.

Corporate Video

We work very closely with the client to set clear objective of what the video is expected to achieve.

Corporate video will help your business grow. We strive to achieve a clear direction on what the outcome of a corporate video is likely to be.


We research all aspects of a client's business to gain knowledge on the products and services to be included in the video production. Our research also involves looking into the target audience to determine if anything specific should be included in the video production. This, along with the client’s existing systems ensure that as much detail goes into the project as possible.


We will provide a video that contains a specific message coming from a primary idea that will be discussed with the client and using a script as well storyboard to fine tune the details in order to complete the project effectively.

Ready to explore how corporate video can strengthen your brand?

Dronemaster Productions can produce commercial and corporate videos at a fraction of the price that larger companies charge.

Our quotations can vary due to the budget and if any complex features and specific editing styles are required. Anything is possible if the budget is large enough such as actors, desirable locations, music licensing fees etc.

We also offer repeat video production rates for follow up videos or a specific number of videos produced in a 12 month period.