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Drone Filming Costs | Drone Services in Hereford, Gloucester, Bristol

We will offer a very competitive quotation for our drone services depending on the budget and requirements of the client. We aim to produce packages to suit all budgets and the end product will reflect this.

We are offering low day rates and half day rates if the location is quickly accessible from the Herefordshire area.

Larger projects are also catered for and a discount is applied on the final invoice if the project requires more than two standard day rate charges.

All areas are covered throughout the United kingdom with better rates offered to clients from the Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol and South West, West Midlands areas.

Aerial Photography.

Stunning photographs from an aerial perspective from one of our drones will capture your property from any angle or altitude required.

Ideal for woodlands, large properties and farms.

Promotional videos.

Producing bespoke videos to promote your business or organisation.

The videos are edited by ourselves with 100% input from you, deciding which scenes to include and any music that may be required.

Video editing is not compulsory, unedited footage is available if you prefer to self edit.

We also offer a video creation service, using your own clips that you have shot over time and creating a professional media production based on your requirements. 

Events and Festivals.

High quality video and photography service for a wide range of events. 

The videos are edited by ourselves with 100% input from you, deciding which scenes to include and any music that may be required.

Wedding Photography / Videography

Different packages available to suit the clients requirements. 

We offer unlimited stills in a wide of compositions. 

Drone photography included.

See Weddings page for more information.

TV and Film production.

 Video filming in a range of resolutions up to 4K available for a wide variety of projects in the television and film industry.


Our drones are able to cover hundreds of acres of land in a short space of time. Providing high quality images of crops and trees to assess for any damage. Information obtained from the aerial images can lead to increased yields for farmers crops and enable early detection of diseases.

  • Detailed surveys for precision farming.

  • Multispectral images are used to obtain information on crop health to identify areas that require further spraying or other treatment.

  • Fence inspections.

  • Livestock monitoring.

  • Pest Infestation detection.

  • Invasive species monitoring.

Please view our agricultural surveys page for more information.

Buildings and architecture

Estate agents or residential clients. Aerial photos / video and filming inside and outside the property.

Monitoring  building projects / maintenance of buildings.

Surveying and 2D mapping service.

Interactive 3D modelling service.

Roof surveying.

Flood Control Surveying.

Monitoring flooded or potientially flooded areas to determine the scale of any flooding and to enable flood prevention systems to be implemented. 

Tourism and sporting activities.

Special rates for local authorities.

Bespoke filming.

For any other uses not listed above to capture indoor and outdoor scenes tailored to the requirements of the client.


Please contact for a competitive quotation.